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Be with others who GET IT.

You don't have to have it all perfectly balanced, and you definitely don't have to do it alone.

When you're juggling work, kids, appointments, relationships, and decisions big and small - the village is hard to find, and so difficult to keep up with.   

What is the Career Meets Mama Network?

It's the Ultimate Working Mom Community: Your all-in-one destination for support, friendship, knowledge-sharing, and strategy exchange. 

With a user-friendly website and mobile app (available on Android and iOS), you'll have a centralized hub for everything you need. From asking questions and virtual hangouts, to one-on-one chats, engaging content, and access to valuable digital resources, this platform empowers you to build a village that fits perfectly into your already-full life.

Meet Your New Best Friends

Hear what our current members are saying:

"I love the Monday Check Ins. As a working mom, I often feel burnt out trying to figure out a work/home balance and I often feel like I'm trying to fight a losing battle with getting out the door on time for work. It's nice that I have a core group of women that show up every Monday for me to lean on who get it! Also, it is so nice to not feel the judgement when I ask for advice. A lot of Facebook groups throw their opinions in...this group is filled with moms who have the same situations. I LOVE that we have members all over the world. I've connected with moms from different parts of the country and as far as Australia which is so cool!"

~Lori | Forensic Biologist | Girl mom

Take a Peek Inside...

Be with others who GET IT.

Making "mom friends" shouldn't have to disrupt your jam-packed schedule. Tune in whenever you feel is best. 

GIFs: because who doesn't love a good laugh?

Information without the Overwhelm:

Stop the google rabbit holes and tap into a network of fast, reliable answers.
Information shared here is the perfect mashup of reputable evidence, the latest data, and advice-style sharing from experience.


Searching for a Deeper Answer?

You've got questions. (Great news - We've got answers.) 

I bet it's crossed your mind...something along the lines of:

"Should I change jobs...or stay home?"
"Is she in the right daycare?"
"Will he adjust to the new teacher or classroom?"
"Great, another fever. Who will miss work this time?"
"Does this EVER get easier?"
"Am I making the right choices?"
"How will I adjust back to work after maternity leave?"
"How can I streamline my routine and get us out the door?" 

This goes on and on. The great news? You're not alone.

The solution here, is NOT a $600 course full of 3 hour long slide deck videos. 

Learning amongst a hand-crafted community is the perfect way to feel seen.
With support and validation - you're able to stay motivated.
Suddenly, it becomes easier to digest research-backed information, along with some helpful shared experiences and crowdsourcing.

You'll gain clarity with your next steps - be it logistics, or resolving those heart-tugging questions that feed the mom-guilt monster.

Our Members Explain it Like This:

"It has been so encouraging to hear from other moms who "get it" and to be reminded that I'm not alone when I'm struggling!"
~ Katie | Social Worker | Mama to 2 girls

"I love that this space is filled with working moms for whom daycare is part of life - that little sense of guilt that I get when talking to many other in person who stay home, well that doesn't exist here!! Also love the genuine openness of everyone!
~ Alycia | Teacher & Head of Dept in High School | Solo Mama by choice

Okay, so exactly what courses are available?

Already LIVE: Return to Work 101

This is for you if you're navigating a transition back to work. Congrats on the baby, mama!

  • 12 bite-size "lessons" - just 2-5 minutes each!
    Watch or listen while you snuggle that baby.
  • A community "newsfeed" for you to throw a question out there and get fast answers
  • Downloadable resources - print out checklists and save your valuable time from running through it over & over in your mind
  • Live Demo: a simple walk-through of bottle prep, pumping, and packing for daycare

Return to Work 101: Rave Reviews

"I liked how it was broken down into manageable sections. When I felt anxious, it was nice to do one section at a time and make progress to alleviate the stress. I really felt less alone after taking the course. Knowing there were other mamas going through it- and at the same time- was a comfort. I loved the printable resources too!"
~ Renee | Hair Stylist & Manager | Inaugural Course Member 

"I am a second time mom, but had my first in 2020 and never had to navigate going back into the physical office after maternity leave. I found this course so helpful, especially the tips for pumping at work. I loved how the videos were short, specific, and easily digestible. Definitely good for moms still operating on low sleep!"
~ Emily | Grants Manager | Mom of 2 boys

Coming SOON:

Career Navigation (Fall 2023)

This will cover:

  • Making Decisions about Career Changes
  • Burnout, Toxic Workplace: Is it me or them?
  • Advocating for Your Needs
  • Productivity
  • Negotiation
  • Job Change Bootcamp: Search, Resume, Interview
Daycare (Spring 2024)

This will cover:

  • Choosing Childcare
  • Preparing & Introduction
  • The Inevitable: Sickness, Missed Work
  • Transitions
  • Heartstrings & Worries
  • Optimized & Streamlined: Making the MOST of your childcare

Why Join NOW?

The Career Meets Mama Network 
is always *under construction* - in a GOOD way!

More and more value is added as we collaborate with more experts, launch courses inside, add to the PDF Resource Library, and my personal favorite - grow our crew! 

Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither can a comprehensive, one-stop-shop for a busy working mom. 

Think of this as a slow-build, and YOU benefit by:
  1. Not getting overwhelmed with WAY too much thrown in your face
  2. Being a part of the construction crew - you help design this thing!
  3. Always keeping your current pricing, so long as you stay a member.

While I do not operate with "sales" discounts -  I DO believe in honoring earlier members with fair pricing. Each launch brings a higher price, because of the increasing resources and value.

So, you can jump in now while it's a cost no-brainer...or jump in later when things really heat up.

Don't Take it From Me

Hear what our members are saying: